[PRESS RELEASE] Quiter Speaks at The People’s Convoy Rally in Albany


[Albany, NY] — A group of people known as “The People’s Convoy” are hosting a rally followed by a convoy through New York to protest the Emergency Powers Act and medical mandates. Invited speakers are Thomas Quiter, candidate for US Senate, Larry Sharpe, candidate for Governor, Andrew Guiliani, Patrick Hahn, and Rob Astorino.

The rally is being held on April 23rd at Campus Access Road, Lot N in Albany, starting at noon. One of the organizers stated in a Facebook post: “This is not about a political party. We are united, as ONE”, as well as expressed that this would be a peaceful protest, organized for the purpose of reminding representatives that they work for the people.

“Those who hold office are public servants. As someone running for office, I operate with that in mind, and remember that I aim to serve. Even when our representatives don’t agree with the people, they still have a duty to hear them out and listen to their concerns. In this two party system, we must accept that there will be elected officials from a party we do not belong to, perhaps even people with views we find abhorrent. Nonetheless, serving in office means serving EVERYONE, not just the members of your own political party, but even those you disagree with,” Quiter says.


Thomas Daniel Quiter is a 2022 candidate for US Senate. In 2020, he ran for New York State Senate against Republican Incumbent Fred Akshar. To learn more, visit


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Brianna Coyle

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