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I'm seeking this line because I am a Libertarian, and do not wish to be dishonest about my political ideals. Often, my party does not represent why I'm a Libertarian and if you care to ask specific questions please email me at

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Nonpartisan Guilford

I'm seeking this independent line because I believe these small municipal races should be nonpartisan. This is a job with a description that can be found at:
Partisan politics do not belong here, the needs of our community do.

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To support my access to run for Town Supervisor, (which is not a vote):

Petitioning instructions:
1. Ensure you're a registered voter residing within Guilford.
Guilford includes East Guilford, Guilford, Guilford Center, Guilford Lake, Glovers Corners, Godfreys Corners, Lathams Corners, Mount Upton, North Guilford, North Pond, Rockdale, Rockwells Mills, and Yaleville.

2. Decide which ballot line you'd like to support me for, download the one you choose and print.

3. Use the current date, sign on top and print your name below on the first petition line. Others may sign in the other 4 lines if they wish. All addresses must be accurate to the residence of the person signing. Legibly print "Guilford" in the Town or City column.

Witness statement.

4. Witness must be a registered voter of New York State. One who has not signed the sheet needs to print their full name in "I, ___________________state:". However, two signors may witness each others signatures on different sheets. A page can be submitted with as little as one signature.

5. Enter the date and sign where indicated.

6. Fill in the town and county in which this same signor reside but leave the sheet number and the number of signatures blank, staff will number these accordingly for submission.

7. Hand your sheets in on time! Sheets may be dropped off or mailed to 1789 State Highway 8 Mount Upton, NY 13809. Drop off by May 28th or mail by May 23rd.

You can be a part of the process, you can make a change that benefits the people of Guilford, and You can do this! Together, we can foster a better local political environment..

Thank you for your support!